Video Highlights 

Jersey events of 2011 Campaign Season

Ridley Creek State Park Media PA  May 14-15 Sorry there is not much out there on this event where the 1st and 2nd New Jersey were strongly represented, the only thing I can find is the some what dramatic but entertaining video by the 11th PA.

Colonial Plantation is a historical site in Ridley Creek State Park, located in Media, Pennsylvania. On May 14th and 15th, 2011 it will be the site of a living history encampment and battle hosted by the 11th Pennsylvania. For more information visit COPYRIGHT I do not own any of the songs used in this commercial.

Battle of Monmouth June 19-20 Not a bad video, taken close to the rope line with with a minimum of chatter from the crowd, lots of action 

Mt.Plantation Earleville, MD September 23-  25  I know to many talking heads in this but there are a lot of good clear shots of the troops marching off and up close battle video. Look carefully for the Jersey troops

Battle of Germantown October 1st  Annual Reenactment of the Battle of Germantown. The Jerseys charge Cliveden, and die gloriously  

Hope Lodge Fort Washington PA  November 5-6  Taken in the middle of the action.The Jerseys defend the redoubt against a pack of wild eyed Brits (The 43rd)   

Siege Of Fort Mifflin November 11-12 Fort Mifflin  once again held its annual Siege Of Fort Mifflin. The question still begs, why did they put the fort so close to the airport?


Washington Crossing the Delaware December 25th Great news format version of the Christmas crossing along with an interview with George Washington 


Battle of Trenton This Documentary version by Thomas Peterson starts a little slow but there is some great battle footage