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 Summertime at The Old Barracks

From The April Tactical at Allaire State Park an Imbed view of the 43rd in Action

Clip from season 2 of the AMC series TURN Washington`sSpies

Battle of Germantown Published on Oct 7, 2014

This Reenactment took place on the actual property of the Battle in 1777 and on the exact day too - October 4.


One clip from the 2009 NJN history special, MORRISTOWN: WHERE AMERICA SURVIVED. 95% of the footage in this show was NJN original footage. Re-enactment scenes filmed in and around Jockey Hollow at Morristown National Historical Park. Narrated by Edward Herrmann. This 30-minute special was immediately picked up by PBS and aired in the national program schedule alongside the popular American Experience series.
The Winter Soldiers - Washington's Crossing the Delaware

A short film about George Washington crossing the Delaware River and attacking Trenton. This was America's first military victory.
Battle of Monmouth 2010

This is an American Revolution reenactment at Monmouth county Battlefield Park.
Faces of Mount Harmon

Lionheart Films"Monmouth 1778: Battle for the North"
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Molly Pitcher scene "Monmouth 1778: Battle for the North"

The Crossing (2000)

The drama is about George Washington crossing the Delaware River and the Battle of Trenton during the American Revolutionary War. The film opens with the retreat of the Continental Army across New Jersey after repeated losses and defeats during the campaign of 1776.
Pluckemin Artillery Cantonment Animation

A Virtual depiction of what the Pluckemin Artillery Cantoment site would have looked like in 1778/1779. This was the birthplace of the first United States Military Academy before the establishment of West Point!
2013 Battle Of Monmouth Videos

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Red Mill Revolutionary War weekend hosted by the Red Mill Museum

Red Mill Revolutionary War weekend hosted by the Red Mill Museum, 4th Battalion of New Jersey Volunteers, and 2nd New Jersey Regiment.
The Battle of the Hook October 19th and 20th 2013 in Gloucester, Virginia.
One of the most incredible American Revolutionary war reenactments ever.
From the History Girl
Battle of Trenton, NJ Living History Reenactment 2013

Battle of Trenton, NJ annual reenactment through the streets of Trenton, ending at Mill Hill Park. Follow me as I explore the historic structures, people, and moments in New Jersey at
From The Old Barracks Productions- The Brave Butler
Making of the Series: TURN

The cast and crew of TURN: Washington's Spies take you behind the scenes of the series. For more Turn videos:
Battle of Monmouth June 16, 2013 British Defend and Retreat Against Continental Army Advance
KEEP CALM and REENACT: 1st Battalion of New Jersey Volunteers - 1NJV Revolutionary War Reenactment

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